• Nepal!

    Nepal: Phewa Lake. Go Now!

    This landlocked country mixes the cultures of the Indian sub-continent with the high Himalayas. Explore Nepal!

  • Japan!

    Japan: Traditional foods. Go Now!

    Japan has a rich culture that is visible today in the country's dress, architecture, language, food (pictured), and lifestyle. Begin Your Journey!

  • Bahrain!

    Bahrain: Desert. Go Now!

    This tiny country has overcome the desert and has found a way to thrive, like this tree on al Jazair Beach. Explore Bahrain!

  • Laos!

    Laos: Karst peak. Go Now!

    The simplicity and natural beauty of the countryside make Laos a hidden gem in Southeast Asia overlooked by most travelers. Begin Your Journey!

  • Tajikistan!

    Tajikistan: A yurt in the mountains. Go Now!

    The high mountains have mysteries around every turn, including yurts (pictured), a home for the nomadic people. Go Now!

Blogs About Afghanistan

WARNING: Afghanistan is currently unstable, please read this travel warning before going!

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Blogs by Afghans

A Kid With Great Ambition: akidwithgreatambition.org

Afghanistan Through My Eyes: www.fekrat.org

Thru Afghan Eyes: thruafghaneyes.blogspot.com

Towards the Light: wazhmafrogh.blogspot.com

Warastahlogs: warastahlogs.blogspot.com

Ex-Patriot Blogs

The Go Between Goat: thegobetweengoat.wordpress.com

Doctors Without Borders: blogs.msf.org/en/staff/blogs/msf-in-afghanistan

Food Blogs

Afghan Culture Revealed: www.afghancooking.net

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