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Culture & Identity of Andorra


The Andorrans almost huddle together in the valleys of the country as nearly everyone lives in these relatively urban centers. Despite this seemingly urban lifestyle, the people are still somewhat isolated in the mountains. In a way, the Andorrans are urban, yet isolated, and at the same time, the country is quite diverse and much of their population is actually French, Spanish, or Portuguese.

The setting, location, ethnic diversity, and more all create distinct variations on the daily way of life in Andorra. Yet, the country is very much in touch with the world around them and today most people have a standard pattern due to family, work, and hobbies. Although few people would prefer it, the daily pattern for many people in Andorra revolves around work and school.

Most jobs in Andorra are in the services sector and most run from about 9:00 am to about 5:00 pm, but numerous positions have a long lunch break mid-day. Schools have similar hours and, like many offices, are taught in Catalan, Spanish, and/or French.

Evenings and weekends (Saturday-Sunday) in Andorra are consumed with recreation. For many families this begins with the children, school work, and activities, like sports or other social clubs. For others this may mean going out with friends to socialize. Many Andorrans also enjoy skiing in the winter months and the nearby Mediterranean Sea is also a favorite weekend or summer get-away.


The Andorrans generally identify by their ethnicity, not by their nation. Due to this, most of the people will proclaim themselves to be Catalan, Spanish, French, or Portuguese. Some even call themselves "Andorran," but within the country's borders this is often a term used in reference to their ethnicity, not their nationality; for many people the terms "Catalan" and "Andorran" are interchangeable from an ethnic definition.

These identities, no matter how one defines him or herself, are obviously tied to their ethnicity and language, but in the case of being "Catalan" versus being "Andorran" it is more of a question of personal preference as to how they identify. On a secondary level, and when abroad, many people in Andorra, no matter their ethnicity will identify as being "Andorran," referencing the nationality.

This page was last updated: November, 2013