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Geography, Weather, & Wildlife of Bahrain


Bahraini Geography - Tree of Life
Tree of Life

Bahrain is a group of small islands in the Persian Gulf with no land borders. To the Middle Eastern country's west is Saudi Arabia and to the east is the country of Qatar.

Most of the islands of Bahrain are rocky low lying islands. There are no mountains and even very few hills on the islands, which are desert with little rain and no rivers to speak of.


Bahrain has two seasons, the summer and winter, although both are extremely hot. Summers run from about April to October and tend to be humid with daily temperatures regularly reaching 105° F (40° C), but days can get much hotter. The high humidity during this season can be broken by hot dry winds from the desert, although this is generally not any better than the humidity. The winter months of December to March have cooler temperatures with daily highs of about 80-90° F (27-32° C) and again high humidity. During the winters though, temperatures can drop significantly at night if a breeze is coming off of the Persian Gulf. Bahrain receives almost no rain as it is a desert. Of the couple times it does rain each year, it generally arrives in the winter months.


Bahraini Wildlife - Arabian camel
Arabian camel

Bahrain, compared to its neighbors, is relatively green and livable, however that doesn't mean there is a lot of wildlife or plant life. There are few mammals, but some hares, hedgehogs, and gazelles have adapted well to the desert conditions. As a desert there are also no lakes or rivers of any significance, however the surrounding Persian Gulf does have significant sea life. Among the animals living here are mackerel, shrimp, and oysters among other fish and shellfish.

The bird life in Bahrain is substantially better, primarily due to the sea life and migratory patterns. Bird species include the parakeet, warbler, sandpiper, and flamingos. The reptile and amphibian life is substantially better as these animals are more adaptable to the desert heat and dryness. There are scorpions, snakes, and numerous turtles live along the shore.

This page was last updated: March, 2013