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Architecture of Kosovo

Kosovo Architecture - Mosque in Prizren
Mosque in Prizren

The architectural diversity in Kosovo is somewhat limited in scope. Many of the oldest buildings are religious in nature and date from about the 1200-1600s. These early churches are generally considered to be Romanesque, Byzantium, or a combination of the two.

The Decani Monastery (mid-1300s) near Pecs is one of the largest and best preserved structures from this time period in the region. Also in Pecs are a few more churches that are in the same style.

Under Ottoman Turkish rule, many Turkish-styled buildings and Mosque architecture was introduced. Many of these were constructed in the city of Prizren, including the Gazi Mehmet Pasha Hamam (about 1575) and the Minaret of the Arasta Mosque. In Pristina a good, but recently renovated example is the Mbretit Mosque.

Sadly most of the monuments from the past were destroyed during the Kosovo War in the late 1990s and much of the architecture in the historic cities of Gjakova, Peja, and Vushtrri was destroyed. Today, Prizren is perhaps the best preserved city in Kosovo architecturally, while Pristina also has a number of remaining buildings.

This page was last updated: March, 2013