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Geography, Weather, & Wildlife of Laos


Lao Geography - Karst peaks
Karst peaks

Laos is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia. To its west is Thailand, Cambodia is to its south, Vietnam to is east, and both China and Myanmar to its north.

Laos is fairly mountainous, peaking in the northwest at the Myanmar and China border. Along the country's northeastern border there are more mountains, and from these mountains a great number of rivers flow west into the Mekong River, which forms much of the country's border with Thailand.


Lao Geography - Kuang Si waterfall
Kuang Si Waterfall

Laos's weather is primarily based on the seasons and also elevation. Laos has three general seasons; rainy season runs from about May to October, cold season is dry and runs from about November to February, and the hot season, which is also dry runs from about March to April. The hot season can have temperatures reaching 100° F (38° C) daily in the Mekong River valley, but lows of about 75° F (24° C). The cold season has temps in this same region averaging 75° F (24° C), but days are a bit warmer and nights a bit cooler. However, in the northern mountains during cold season, nightly lows can get down to 40° F (5° C), although daily highs again get up to 70° F (22° C).


Lao Geography - Asian buffalo
Asian buffalo

Laos is fairly mountainous and hence over development has allowed a great wildlife to blossom. This diversity begins with the mammals as the country is home to buffalos, rhinoceroses, bears, elephants, monkeys, big cats, pandas, and more. Although Laos is landlocked, they have a number of rivers and lakes that hold fresh water sea life; the most interesting of these animals is the fresh water dolphin. These waters are also home to catfish, carp, and trout.

The bird life is quite varied and much of these birds are migratory. Some of the more interesting or popular birds include pheasants, woodpecker, hornbills, owls, cranes, and ibis. Among the reptilian and amphibian life are snakes, lizards, and geckos among others.

This page was last updated: March, 2013