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Geography, Weather, & Wildlife of Liechtenstein


Liechtenstein Geography - Town of Malbun
Town of Malbun

Liechtenstein is a landlocked country in Europe's Alps. It is one of the smallest countries in the world and is geographically dwarfed by all of its neighbors. Liechtenstein only has two neighbors: Switzerland (west) and Austria (east).

Geographically, Liechtenstein is little more than half a mountain valley sitting in the Alps. To its east stand taller mountains, while its western border is the still widening Rhine River. Much of the population lives in the capital city of Vaduz, although towns are sprinkled throughout the mountains.


Liechtenstein's seasons are very distinct and, due to its small size, there are few regional variations. Winters (December-March) don't get as cold as some neighboring countries (average about 32˚ F (0˚ C)), but at elevation it's a little cooler and snow is common.

Summers in Liechtenstein have average temperatures between 65-75˚ F (18-24˚ C), with, again, slightly lower temperatures at elevation.


Although a small country, Liechtenstein has a large number of alpine mammals that live in the country's mountains and forests or pass through regularly. Deer, marmots, fox, and other small mammals are common. Pheasants, partridges, and other birds are also common. There is almost no sea life as there are only a few small rivers passing through the landlocked country.

This page was last updated: March, 2013