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Architecture of Macedonia

Macedonian Architecture - St. Joachim Monastery
St. Joachim Monastery

The earliest architecture in Macedonia was built by the Romans. The aqueduct in Skopje and some of the ruins at Ohrid are the best preserved of these many ruins. However Ohrid isn't known for its Roman ruins as much as it is known for its later architecture. The growth and flourishing of the city brought in many buildings, including St. Panteleimon (800s), which is the oldest Slavic monastery in the world. Also in this city, St. Sofia's was built (800s-1000s).

When the Ottomans took over the region, beginning in the 1300s, the architectural style in the region quickly changed and adopted the new requirements. Mosques, hamams, and bazaars were built as some of the people converted to Islam. Skopje retains the best examples from this period, including their Sultan Murad Mosque and their old bazaar, which vastly grew during this period.

Macedonian Architecture - Traditional architecture
Traditional architecture

Architecture from the 1800s is again best represented in Ohrid. There are numerous residential houses from this period, which represent some of the oldest and best preserved domestic architecture in the country. These stone-based wood houses are easily recognizable due to their white color as they sit close together facing the lake. Another great example of houses from this time period is the village of Krusevo, which has similarities to Ohrid, but many distinctions as well.

Macedonian Architecture - Skopje

Perhaps the best place to see the country's modern architecture is in the capital city of Skopje. In fact, Skopje has a great sampling of architecture from nearly every time period in the region's history, although perhaps not as much significance as many of the buildings in Ohrid.

This page was last updated: March, 2013