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Architecture of the Maldives

Most of the Maldives' early architecture is in the form of housing and due to its location at sea level this meant most traditional housing was built on stilts. Although today many buildings are constructed from modern materials and in modern techniques, the stilt house is still popular on some islands.

In more recent times most lasting construction has been built, but again in limited numbers, primarily due to the fact that there is little land and traditionally little money in the islands. The only place that has received much of this modern architecture is the capital of Male. Here you can find mosques, markets, houses, and more in stone, brick, and concrete.

Today some resorts, particularly on the numerous outlying islands, are being built in traditional styles, but with modern techniques and materials. The Alila Villas Hadahaa Island Resort is a great example of this as its rooms vary from stilt housing units to upside down boats used as gathering places.

This page was last updated: July, 2012