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Social Life in Nepal


The Nepalese are conservative in most aspects of their lives and this is best seen in their behaviors, dress, and dining etiquette. They tend to dress and act conservatively, much of which is based on their deeply rooted Hindu and Buddhist faiths.

Most of Nepal's population is Hindu and according to Hinduism cattle are sacred so avoid eating beef, if you can even find it. Also be sure to eat only with your right hand as the left hand is considered unclean. Beyond these simple dining rules (see our Nepal Dining & Food Page for more details), just be conscious to avoid sensitive conversation topics, such as politics, finances, religion, and business unless initiated by your local counterpart. Also try to avoid being loud, rude, showing off wealth, or getting noticeably drunk in public.


Nepal is a country with rich customs and traditions, but the people are also curious and accepting of foreigners. Due to this, few mistakes will result in an insult to the Nepalese, but you should still make every effort to dress in a conservative manner.

Locals tend to dress quite conservatively in Nepal and since much of the country is in the mountains it is a natural fit to cover your arms and legs completely. Foreigners should follow suite; both women and men should cover their legs and shoulders at a minimum. Wearing full length pants and long sleeves at all times is the best course of action and in the mountains you'll need to be covered to protect you from the sun and the cold.

This page was last updated: November, 2013