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Social Life in Ukraine

WARNING: Ukraine is politically unstable, please read this travel warning before going!


The people of Ukraine maintain much of the Soviet mentality as they rarely get involved in other people's personal affairs and tend to keep to themselves when in public. Due to this attitude, the people take offense at few things. Although everyone will notice odd behaviors and cultural abnormalities, rarely will anyone point out your cultural mistakes.

As a visitor to Ukraine try to follow the lead of the locals by dressing in alike manner (see below for details), dining in the local etiquette (see our Ukraine Dining & Food Page), and avoid sensitive conversation topics, such as politics, finances, and business unless initiated by your local counterpart. Also try to avoid being loud, rude, or showing off wealth.


The traditional dress in Ukraine is quite varied as the people that have lived on the lands have been rather diverse. However, the clothing has been similar to styles found in Europe or Russia throughout much of history. It has also been traditionally made for the weather, which can be very cold for much of the winter. The coats were often made from sheep skin, for men the coat was called a kozhukh and for women the coat was called kozhushanka. The clothing beneath displays the greatest amount of variety as men tended to wear simple outfits and women tended to wear more ornate embroidered dresses called vyshyvanka. Women also tended to wear either a wreath (to indicate they were single) or a scarf called a ochipok (to indicate they were married) on their heads.

Today the country of Ukraine is still quite diverse ethnically, but the dress is very similar from person to person as western clothing has taken over. As a visitor to the country you are welcome to wear just about anything that you wish. There are no religious rules that dictate certain clothing, although if in churches long pants and shirts that reach your elbows are recommended. Beyond this the dress is varied and many young Ukrainian women are quite liberal in the way they dress, particularly if going out at night.

This page was last updated: November, 2013