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Architecture of Andorra

Andorran Architecture - Romanesque church
Romanesque church

The architecture of Andorra is almost entirely Romanesque, which is a style from around 1000 which integrates stone in a very simple, but strong and long-lasting style. This was the style of choice for centuries due to the availability of stone and the country's isolated state, preventing the destruction of these buildings and the introduction of new styles.

Some of the oldest buildings in the country are from the 800s, when a number of churches were built in this mountainous country. To this day there are dozens of small Romanesque churches dotting the landscape including the Sant Climent de Pal in the town of Pal. The town of Pal, in addition to the regions of Canillo and Ordino, still strongly adhere to the Romanesque style and there are even laws today that demand a certain percentage of all buildings' facades be made of stone.

Over time some aspects of certain architectural styles have been integrated into Andorra's buildings, but rarely ever dominating an entire building until recently. Many modern buildings, particularly in Andorra la Vella, are built with modern elements as much of the capital's outline today consists of glass and concrete.

This page was last updated: March, 2013